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9. Danko Jones || Five (or More) Questions With Tommy Black
Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

9. Danko Jones || Five (or More) Questions With Tommy Black

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A conversation with Danko Jones before his show Wednesday 5/16 at The Viper Room.

  • Danko has been doing podcasts since 2005. “I did one, and it kind of sputtered and failed. I did about, I don’t know, 8 episodes on our very old website, and… at the time the medium hadn’t really taken off.  So I stopped.  Then of course around 2009, it started to gain ground.  And, you know I watched it for maybe 2 years, and then I jumped in, in 2011.  It’s fun to do…”


  • Danko did a podcast with Pete Stahl (Scream) during the “Uproar” tour they did together in 2013. Pete was managing Coheed and Cambria at the time.  Alice in Chains and Jane’s Addiction were also on that tour, but everyone was starstruck by Pete.  Pete also sings on a Danko Jones song, “Forest for the Trees” on the album Never Too Loud


  • Danko has a new book coming out, I’ve Got Something to Say. It’s basically a compilation of various articles that Danko has written for different magazines over the last 10 years.


  • Duff McKagen wrote the foreward to I’ve Got Something to Say. (Then a lovely conversation ensues between Tommy and Danko about how everyone loves Duff.)


  • Danko is really looking forward to seeing Circus of Power and The Superbee’s play on Wednesday night. Even though Alex Mitchell, the singer of Circus of Power, was on Danko’s podcast a year ago they’ve never actually met.  Danko claims to be quite the hermit, but says he would leave his house to see those two bands play.


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