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8. The Julian Frampton Band || Five (or More) Questions With Tommy Black
Thursday, May 10th, 2018

8. The Julian Frampton Band || Five (or More) Questions With Tommy Black

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A conversation with Julian Frampton right before his show at The Viper Room on Thursday, May 10th.





Tommy:  Five or more questions with Tommy Black and we have Julian Frampton on the phone.  Hello, Julian.


Julian:  Hello, Tommy, how ya doin’ today?


Tommy:  Pretty good, pretty good.  You’re playin’, you’re playing the club this Thursday.  When’s the last time you played The Viper?


Julian:  Oooh, it’s been… it’s been quite a while now I think almost a year ago is the last time we played.


Tommy:  Actually I think I was there, I remember this now. (laughs)


Julian:  Oh nice, nice.  So you tell me, when WAS the last time?




Tommy:  I don’t remember the date, but I think (Julian laughing) I remember seeing you play.  I think.  What –


Julian:  Nice-


Tommy:  What comes to your mind when you think of The Viper Room?


Julian:  …First off the top of my head Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, (Tommy throws in an “uh-huh”) that 90’s scene I guess, and… yeah that’s the first thing for sure that comes to the top of my head.


Tommy:  What’s it like having Peter Frampton for a dad?


Julian: It’s a… (playfully) it’s a blessing and it’s a curse at the same time. (laughs)


Tommy:  I hear, I hear that.


Julian:  No, but I… he’s just like, you know, he’s a normal guy.  Lovable human being, and I’m so grateful to have him as my father.


Tommy:  Cool.


Julian:  You know, he’s just… he’s such an inspiration to me musically, even if he wasn’t my father.  He’s just such a great… idol to have, and to have him so… so readily available for you know, questions and advice in my life is really a blessing I have to say.


Tommy:  You tour with him I saw.


Julian:  Yeah!  For quite some time we’ve been like, I used to go up, and just like sit in with him and do some vocals, ‘cause we’ve written some tracks together.  Or we’ll do like an old Humble Pie tune.


Tommy:  Cool.


Julian:  But over the past few years, we’ve been doin’ an acoustic tour, it’s called Frampton Raw Acousitic.  Which we’ll probably do some more of, I do the opening set, and then he comes on and does a set.  It’s all acoustic, it’s me and my song writing partner, Ben Sheridan…


Tommy:  Uh-huh.


Julian:   …and him with Gordon Kennedy, his song writing partner.  And then, I’ll come back out and do a few more tunes with them.  And it’s… yeah it’s been the most fun tour I’ve ever done, for sure, ‘cause it’s gotten me great exposure, as well being able to tour with family.  You know?  You can’t beat that.


Tommy:  When you were young did you tour a lot with your dad?  As a child.


Julian:  Yeah!  Just like hangin’ out and stuff.  Yeah I definitely did a lot of summer tours wih him.


Tommy:  Oh that’s cool.  Did you get to… did you get to meet David Bowie?


Julian:  I knew Bowie as a baby, but I don’t remember Bowie because I was too young. (Tommy interjects a “wow”) But my sister, my older sister, new him very well.  He was kind of like her… godfather, kind of deal… so…


Tommy:  That’s awesome.


Julian:  Yeah.


Tommy:  Big Bowie fan.  We all are.

Julian:  Yeah, we all are.


Tommy:  It’s one of the reasons we all dress funny.


Julian:  Yeah (laughs)


(both laughing)


Tommy:  The one I heard was acoustic, I mean, what’s your favorite acoustic?  Is it like a Mar- are you a Martin guy, or a Gibson guy, or a Taylor guy?


Julian:  Oh I play a Tacoma actually.


Tommy:  Oh cool, cool, cool.


Julian:  That’s my main guitar, but I have a Martin as well, which I love playing, you know, that’s probably my second favorite;  but I’ve just grown up playing this Tacoma my-my father got me years ago, and that stuck so I ended up just gettin’ another one.  But they don’t make ‘em anymore, but there, you know… I got two at least from the era that they, you know, made a great one.  And… yeah, that’s probably my acoustic guitar of choice for sure.


Tommy:  The glorious sounding acoustic.


Julian:  Yeah, oh yeah.


Tommy:  What- what other people have you toured with?


Julian:  Uhh, no one as of right now.


Tommy:  Uh-huh.  Well that’s not… you’re still- you’re still way ahead of the game.  (laughs)


Julian:  Yeah (laughs) Yeah, I am.  But we’re –we’re hopin’ to get on a good West Coast run after some point after Viper here.


Tommy:  Cool.


Julian:  So that’s kind of the next step for JFV.


Tommy:  Uh-huh.  And you mentioned Humble Pie, I mean Steve Marriott was the best singer.  Ever.  Probably.


Julian:  Hands down.


Tommy & Julian:  Yeah

Julian:  Hands down.


Tommy:  No doubt about that.  That’s… that’s some serious stuff right there.


Julian:  Big time, yeah, big time.  That’s why- it’s intimidating singing some, some Humble Pie numbers, but they’re so much fun.  And they’re so rockin’, I love doin’ it.


Tommy:  Well your voice… I mean, you- you have a great voice.  I, I was listening to that “Ghost” song, it almost had like a, I don’t want to say it, but a Black Crowes vibe kinda thing, which is a very good thing to have.


Julian:  Thanks, man.


Tommy:  Yeah, I don’t know, don’t take that the wrong way. I don’t know-


Julian:  No, no no no- the Black- there would be no Black Crowes without Humble Pie, I feel like. (laughs)


Tommy:  EXACTLY.  Yeah.


Julian:  So that’s kinda the way it goes.


Tommy:  Yeah, yeah, exactly.  Did you always want to be a musician?


Julian:  Actually, no.  I… I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was like 17.


Tommy:  Mm-hmm.


Julian:  So I… I kinda shied away from it.


Tommy:  You avoided it.


Julian:  For obvious reasons.


Tommy:  Did you find you were over exposed to music, and that was possibly negative reinforcement is why you didn’t want to do music at first?


Julian:  Yeah.  I kind of- yeah I guess so.  Yeah I went through, you know, I guess what I would say was the opposite of what a lot of people went through.  You know, I tried to… I tried to… or my family tried to get me to play guitar and stuff when I was very, very young, and I really just shied away from it.


Tommy:  Right, rebelled.


Julian:  Yeah, I rebelled a bit, and… but I did get- you know, I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was 17?


Tommy:  Uh-huh.


Julian:  But I did play drums from the age of 8 on.  So that kind of started my musical journey, but I’ve- I’ve always been an entertainer-


Tommy:  Yeah.


Julian:  Whether it be acting or- or voice overs, or music.  But yeah, toward the end of high school I finally started to write my own songs.  And that kind of led me to the journey that I’m on today, and I couldn’t be happier.


Tommy:  That’s awesome.  Well, we’re really excited about having you on Thursday, and it’s gonna be a good night and I’ll see ya there.


Julian:  I’m really stoked- my band and I are really stoked to be there.  We’ll see ya there, Tommy.


Tommy: (chuckles) Alright, thank you, man.  Take it easy.


Julian:  Thanks, man.


Tommy:  Bye.


Julian:  Alright.  Appreciate it.





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