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2. The Last Internationale || Five (or More) Questions With Tommy Black
Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

2. The Last Internationale || Five (or More) Questions With Tommy Black

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Tommy speaks with guitarist Edgy Pires and singer/bassist Delila Paz the day before their show at The Viper Room.


Tommy:  Alright, it’s Edgy from The Last Internationale anybody else on here or just you Edgy?


Edgy:  Delila’s here.


Tommy:   Five or more questions with Tommy, that’s what we do okay?




Edgy:  Okay (laughs)


Tommy:  Did you guys just get back from Tokyo?


Edgy:  Yeah, Tokyo.  Tokyo, yo, it was off the hook.  It was amazing.


Tommy:  Was it good?  Was the audience amazing?  I mean did they stand there or did they go crazy?


Edgy:  Aw nah, I thought they were just gonna stand there and then like do a clap in unison when the song was over but, nah, they sang along, I was actually surprised.  They were singing along (Tommy laughs) at one point, they were like, Delila went out in the crowd she was dancin’ with them.  It turned into a real party, man.


Tommy:  That’s awesome.  (Edgy laughs) That’s awesome.  How long are you here for before ya leave again?


Edgy:  We leave in the morning after we play Viper.  So we’re gonna be rockin’ and hangin’ all night, and then straight to the airport.


Tommy:  Dang… You guys are busy –


Edgy:  Yeah-


Tommy:  You’re always beatin’ the streets, it’s crazy.  In the last like three or four years, how many months do you think you guys have toured?


Edgy:  Um…well the past year and a half or two years or so, we’ve been busy working on a lot of new songs and a new album.  We got a lot of things together since we left Epic records.  That’s been a long arduous battle-

Tommy:  Yeah.


Edgy:  So, now we’re just like completely tour ready, and we have a full summer schedule-


Tommy:  Rad.


Edgy:  Like, lined up.  With, like festivals all over Europe.  Going to Mexico, and just came from Tokyo.  Not many U.S. dates though, but we’re hoping to change that soon.


Tommy:  In Europe you toured with like The Who and Robert Plant didn’t you, among others?


Edgy:  Yeah, among many others.  We did a LOT of, um, we opened up for a lot of like, ya know people who influenced us or that we grew up listening to.  Here too, actually, in the States we did this last tour we did Robert Plant here too.


Tommy:  Wow.


Edgy:  We toured with you too of course and Scott Weiland.  That was some great times.


Tommy:  Yeah, awesome, awesome.




Tommy:  So what are you guys doing right now?  You’re writing, you’re back in town writing for a little bit?


Edgy:  Yeah.  We’re actually doing some writing sessions this week.  You know, Delila come up with them killer riffs on bass you know?


Tommy:  Uh-huh.


Edgy:  Me following along. (laughs)


Tommy:  Yeah, awesome.  You guys beat the streets constantly.  It’s only a matter of time before, you know, the whole world knows about you.  You know what I mean?  I mean, do you, do you kind of… lately you’re not on the label right now?  Are you lately doing this all on your own?  Or, I mean-


Edgy:  Yeah we’re doing it on our own until the right label comes along.  I mean, we’ve suffered a few, a few heavy setbacks in the past three years.  I mean, it’s Los Angeles, you know more about it than I do.  We came out here with a dream, you know we got that record deal within like a month or whatever, things started rolling.  But then, you know how it is out here, man, like –


Tommy:  Yeah, yeah-


Edgy:  Like snakes poppin’ up left and right and before you know it, you’re questioning your own identity.  Like, do I exist, who the hell am I?  Like I’m losing touch with my roots and-


Tommy:  Yeah-


Edgy:  Delila felt the same way.  We just had to get on a plane, go back to New York for a little bit, regroup, get our shit together and… now we’re back in LA feelin’, you know more confident than ever.


Tommy:  Awesome.


Edgy:  (?)… a few songs.  So we’re writing man.


Tommy:  Awesome.


Edgy:  You know what I mean?


Tommy:  Yeah.  You guys are always ready.


Edgy:   (laughs)  We do(?), we got like three albums that we just wrote.  And it’s like – man things ain’t moving fast enough, you know.  So, so I have a feeling we’re gonna start putting out a lot of songs like in the near future.


Tommy:  Cool.


Edgy:  Things are gonna keep comin’, yeah.


Tommy:  Okay… tell what you think of… what do you think of when you hear the name Viper Room?


Edgy:  Ooooh what do we think of when we hear the name Viper Room?  We gotta include Delila into this.


Tommy:  Delila.


Delila:  Yeah, hey!


Tommy:  What do you think of when you hear the name Viper Room?




(Tommy and Delila laugh)

Tommy:  No, what else? (still laughing)


Delila:  Tommy Black’s the first thing that pops up.


Tommy:  Ah- too kind-


Delila:  I think, like, “home” in a way.  It has like a very comfortable vibe now ‘cause you’ve um… you know people at the Viper Room were like really cool to us when we first got to LA.  And it’s still… I think people know like, our LA venue is the Viper Room now.


Tommy:  Yeah, yeah.


Delila:    (laughing)  We play there, we love it


Tommy:  Uh-huh


Delila:  We like the crowd


Tommy:  No no no, you guys are always welcome there, and you’ve played there a bunch of times.  It’s awesome…  What’s the Rage Against the Machine connection?  Everybody wants to know.  I know Tom Morello’s a fan, you’ve had Brad Wilk playing drums.  Could you elaborate on that a little bit?


Edgy:  So, the reason why we came to LA originally was because of, um, was because of Tom Morello.  And he’s been not only a good friend and mentor to us, but almost like a family member if you will.  Like, we didn’t know anyone coming out, when we came out to LA except for him and like, a manager we were talking to at the time.  So every Christmas, every holiday, or you know Thanksgiving or what have you, like-


Tommy:  Wow-


Edgy:  -he’d invite us over.  And then eventually we became close to his wife, it’s like we became part of the family.  And then he introduced us to Brad, we played with him for quite a while.  And he became also very close with us obviously.  And since then, you know, these are just… these have been the hom-  these have been the steady homies that we’ve been talking to in the industry.  You know I feel like every band, or you know people in general, just need that like that small, very small that you can count on one hand, like group of core people that have the same values as you.  They’re not tryin’ to get one over on you and they have your back.  And these are the people that help you get through the hard times and stuff like that, like the whole behind the scene stuff.  And you know, they’ve just been really great people like, you know, to have on our side and stuff like that, so…


Tommy:  That’s really cool.  I haven’t met all of them but like Tom Morello, when he comes in, he’s nice.  He’s a nice guy, he’s a gentleman.  You know, that’s… that’s cool.

Edgy:  Yeah.  We told him to come down tomorrow night so let’s see what happens.


Tommy:  Awesome.  When’s the last time you played Viper?  I’m trying to think.


Delila:  Oooh I don’t know…


Tommy:  Yeah I don’t know either.  (laughs)


Delila:  A while ago.


(Edgy in the background, “A year?”)


Delila:  A year maybe.


Tommy:  When’s the last time you played at a 175 cap room?  I mean you’ve been playin’ bigger rooms if you’ve been doing these tours.


Edgy:  Yeah… When we headline oversees it’s even bigger than here, like…  I…I don’t know what it is man, but every band will tell you… you leave the U.S. and somethin’ happens you know.  People, you know, they just – takes off quicker, you know?


Tommy:  Yeah.


Edgy:  I have theories about all that, but I don’t if you want to get into all those politics and stuff like that.  (laughs)


(Tommy and Edgy both laugh)


Edgy:  I mean, you got Trump in the White House. (Tommy laughs) How bad can it get?  You know?  And I think that, I don’t think I KNOW, that is connected to culture and is connected to the music scene.  And Cornel West said it best recently when he said that,  “If you have a weak culture you create a weak people.”


Tommy:  Agreed.


Edgy:  And that’s what’s happening here.


Tommy:  Agreed.


Edgy:  We’re trying to upset that.


Tommy:  No, good, good stuff.  Well thank you, you are.  And I know you are guys are very politically driven.  Always, you always have been. Alright-


Edgy:  We’re people driven.


Tommy:  Huh?


Edgy:  You know what I’m sayin’?


Tommy:   “We’re people driven?”


Edgy:  We’re people driven.


Tommy:  Oh.


Edgy:  Yeah.  That’s what it is.  You know, the sound and the people that moves us.  When you put people together in a room, you notice people got problems, and we got problems, and we share a lot of the same commonalities and the same enemies if you will.  So… you know if you’re gonna be real with people and you wanna connect with them on a human or spiritual basis just be real with them.  And connect them how you know how to connect with them, you know what I’m saying?  So, I – you know, we’re not political in a sense where we got a message for people necessarily.  When we… when we play shows and meet with people, our fans talk more than we do.  We listen to them, ‘cause I think that’s what, you know… spiritually we should do.  Culturally speaking it should be a two-way street.  It shouldn’t be, you know, one band up there on a pulpit tellin’ people how to think or – that shit always turns people off, and it’s always turned me off.  You know?


Tommy:  Yeah.


Delila:  Edgy’s gonna run for governor.


(they all laugh)


Delila:  No…


(still laughing)


Tommy:  Say that again.  Edgy’s running for governor??


Delila:  Edgy.


Tommy:  Edgy…ah… I’d vote.  I’d vote for Edgy.  (Delila giggles)   Alright.  Well, thank you, Edgy and Delila from The Last Internationale.  See you guys tomorrow night.


Delila:  Yeah!  Thank YOU!  See you tomorrow.


Edgy:  Yeah, see ya tomorrow, brother.


Tommy:  Bye guys.




Edgy:  Peace! (in a low voice)


Delila:  Bye!




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