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Waltz down Viper Room memory lane… on a Monday Sunset Jam night.
Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

I posted this a year ago.

The Last 7 hours at the Viper Room:

I go to Viper to work the Erik Himel Sunset Jam and get word that that the band Smile is opening.  Smile has Robin Zander’s son Robin Taylor Zander in the band, so we reserve three Cheap Trick tables.  Seconds after, I get a text from Sebastian Bach who wants to see Smile too.  Then Dan Thompson texts me that Alan Parsons is coming and playing a couple songs in the Jam later…  Need another table.  So after spinning all those plates Smile starts to play.  Smile killed it with psyche pop-trick tunes.  Good things are going to happen for them.

Robin Zander, Sebastian Bach and Jack Douglas are chatting when Robin asks me for a Stella.  I told him the one time I saw Cheap Trick, it was from side stage at a festival with The Wildabouts.  I had just finished my Stella while watching Cheap Trick play.  Robin spots me, walks over to the side, takes the empty Stella out of my hand while singing “I want you to want me” to 40k people.  He then proceeds to walk clear to the back of the stage, behind the drums, and comes back with a fresh open Stella and hands it to me.  After reminding him of the story Robin says, “Well I guess you owe me a Stella now.”  Too cool…  He offered me one too and I said my drinking days are over.

After that, the jam started and later, Alan Parsons got up and did two songs.  It was surreal.  People were asking, “Is that guy singing an Alan Parsons cover or IS THAT Alan Parsons?”  Then Dan Thompson and I jammed/bastardised a cover of Raspberry Beret.  Fun Monday…  #taylorzander #smile #robinzander #sebastianbach #cheaptrick #alanparsons #viperroom #mondaysunsetjam #wildabouts


See you next Monday!


Tommy Black

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