So you wanna play Viper Room?

All artists must read & consider the following points before requesting booking

Basically, you work with us, we’ll work with you


- Have a meaningful story & sound (provide details of your history in the LA/club scene + include numbers & anything interesting we should know.)

- Minimum of 30 heads for opening slot weekdays, minimum of 50 heads for weekends.

- Bands must send links to appropriate Social Media profiles eg. Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube + Bandcamp. No links. No show.

- Not have any shows booked within 30 mile radius 2 weeks prior/post your requested date

- Provide personal & unique marketing/promotion for your event - Get creative!

- Include contact information, show history and projected draw in the Los Angeles area

Are you so rock n' roll that none of the above shit matters?

Then throw caution to the wind, email and Hit send. Fuck it.